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History of Tufat's Assault Group ~TAG

T.A.G. a team made up by friends and players of the game Delta Force 2 and Joint Operations. The team is a well recognized team through out the 2 communities for its players, respect of others, conduct and the ability to stick together as a team.

TubettiWorld was where it all started, created by Cerdip and Tubetti {wife of Cerdip}, made up of players from all around the world who came together to play delta force 2.A great war between Scarlet Empire, and Bluetannia. Bluetannia Armed Marines known as BAM was joined by the Military Experts Of War, "MEOW" squad to reign destruction on to the Scarlet Marines. Just when the Scarlet Marines thought they were defeated men and woman from all over joined up to form a new allies known as the Scarlet Royal Marines "SRM" and fought back against the MEOWS and the BAM. The S.R.M. formed into 3 hard-hitting forces that gave it all they had. There was Tufat's Assault Group "T.A.G." known as the attack squad within S.R.M. . T.A.G. was formed in honour of a great player and a well-respected man with in the df2 community known as JOHN "TUFAT" TUCKER he was one of the best assaulters around. Then came the Royal Praetorian Guard "R.P.G." known as the defense of the S.R.M. followed by the Scarlet Patrol Group "S.P.G." known for being the midfielders. Sadly to say only the T.A.G. squad is the last one to stay around from with in the Scarlet Royal Marines. T.A.G. was inactive for a bit till brought back to active duty by SMEE~TAG AND WOLF~TAG.

Tubettiworld was shut down and Battle Field Cafe was formed so players had a place to call home. The S.R.M. forums are still around as well if you look closely to the B.A.M. forum you will read bscarletroyalmarines as the last part of their url they have taken the forum over and kept part of the history.

The original members of TAG were, SMEE, WOLF, RIGGS, LILOWL and DELTA1.

Today T.A.G. is made up of almost +30 members all who are close and respect one another. The leader of such a great squad is the over-all team itself. BEOWULF~TAG who made and runs the admin part of the forums along with VENUS~TAG, website and emails. NICKDANGER~TAG who has set up the use of a 24/7 server also sets matches and scrimmages up with other squads along with SMALLDOG~TAG. HIGHLANDER~TAG one who many have gone to one point in time during there DF2 time, assist in the pc programming side of the house. Maps are currently made by Q-DAD, NICKDANGER~TAG and DR.EVIL~TAG. DELTA1~TAG who does our recruiting and more than excelled in that position. Then you have the other great originals of S.R.M. who became tag who need a mention, they are:- BEEVA, WOODYBEAR, SPACECASE, AIRMANSNAP, BADDAD, INSOMNIAC, SUDDENDEATH, JOHNNY7 and MICKY-D. Then there's all of us who have been on once other teams and or free lancer who have somehow been welcomed into this great family of players and friends. We all have a say on what goes on with in the squad and the server and none of us hold rank as were a non-ranking squad. We hold our heads high when playing and always do our best.

We celebrate the birth of T.A.G. on November the 16th and carry the tag of ~JT on the date of May 11th to remember our fellow comrade JOHN "TUFAT" TUCKER who sadly passed away in the year 2001. Parts of history and memorial pages can be found through out our forum and those of other squads.

As we play together in the DF2 servers (and other game format servers such as Joint Ops) we respect the rules that follow that server. We follow our own set of rules and those of the old TubettiWorld. We play with honour and fairness. We are a team.

They are a great contributor in the modding community for DF2 releasing TXP which consists of 27 new terrains and working on TXP2 consisting of buildings, sounds, skies, maps, water, terrains, items, and much much more, Also released is the blood mod, glock mod, and rambo knife series consisting of 4 new knifes, DF1 map conversion pack as well. Who is in this great modding team, Q-DAD, BEOWULF~TAG and DR.EVIL~TAG were the originals and recruited beta testers and idealist to help from with in TAG and other DF2 teams such as NBK, BOS, /A\ team and a few others. As long as DF2 is around there will be mods from them.

T.A.G. were winners of the Black Flag League Championship 2002 held between DeltaForce2 Teams, Its a fought with hard matches, every squad playing each other twice. Many might say "DF2 is fading away", but seeing how many squads still participate in the league that might not be so accurate a statment.

T.A.G joined in on the action of Nova's newest release called Joint Operations while still staying active in DF2. They run dedicated servers for both DF2 servers, (mainly hosting the maps for the coming Black Flag League season) and two Joint Ops servers, (1 AAS and 1 Co-oP). Some members are dedicated to only DF2, others play just Joint Ops, The majority still play both games along with a selection of other online games, that can be seen on the Roster page next to each name. We have not been activley recruiting in any game at the moment, as we all only play for fun and dont scrimmage or match.

At the moment TAG have a few people behind the scenes that make everything run smoothly

Beowulf   Site Admin / Server Admin / TXP Team

Cyborg   Remote Server Admin

Delta1   Squad Recruiter / Remote Server Admin

Dr.Evil   TXP Team

Insomniac   TXP Team Beta Tester / World Travel Reporter

NickDanger   Server Admin / TXP Team Beta Tester

QDad    TXP Team

Runforrest Squad Moral Officer / Cheerleader

Venus   Site Designer / Site Admin / Remote Server Admin

All Tag members can remote the servers to Ban/Punt , Cycle Maps. If you have problems in a server please use Teamspeak to contact a member that is online. If you see no server up please contact a Server Admin via forum PM


History as told by Dr.Evil~TAG on 14th November 2004