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Honorary Members
These players are people who TAG will never forget. [Click name for player details]
  Tufat~TAG Hawaii Delta Force 2
  Dr.Evil~TAG Canada Delta Force 2   Delta Force: BHD

Active Members in Alphabetical Order [Click name for player details]
  NAME COUNTRY RECENT GAMES PLAYED [Click name for game details]
  Beowulf~TAG England Natural Selection   Battlefield 2
  BladeRes~TAG England BF2poe   ICmod   GuildWars
  Bussy~TAG New Zealand Delta Force 2   ICmod
  Cyborg~TAG Canada BF2poe   ICmod   GuildWars
  Delta1~TAG Canada BF2poe   ICmod   GuildWars
  Duce~TAG USA HalfLife2   Battlefield 2
  Evilintions~TAG USA ICmod   GuildWars
  Fast Eddie~TAG USA Delta Force 2
  FireFighter~TAG Canada ICmod
  Hawk/Panther~TAG Canada Delta Force: BHD   Americas Army
  Highlander~TAG Scotland Delta Force 2   Delta Force Extreme
  Insomniac~TAG England BF2poe   ICmod   GuildWars   World of Warcraft
  Jetreaction~TAG England BF2poe   GuildWars
  Johnny7~TAG England ICmod
  Kaolin~TAG England ICmod
  K~TAG USA ICmod   Battlefield 2142   GuildWars
  Mastershake~TAG USA BF2poe   ICmod
  MickyD~TAG England BF2poe   ICmod   GuildWars   World of Warcraft
  MSG Spider~TAG USA BF2poe   ICmod   GuildWars
  Mudfly~TAG USA Joint Ops   Esc JOps
  Nick Danger~TAG USA ICmod
  Praetorian~TAG England ICmod
  Q-Dad~TAG Norway Delta Force 2
  Querner~TAG USA ICmod   Battlefield 2142   GuildWars
  Redbeard~TAG USA Battlefield 2   Battlefield 2142   GuildWars   World of Warcraft
  Riggs~TAG England Delta Force Extreme
  Runforrest~TAG USA BF2poe
  Smalldog~TAG England Call of Duty   ICmod   GuildWars
  Sniper79~TAG USA
  Soja~TAG Scotland Delta Force 2   Delta Force Extreme   GuildWars
  Spacecase~TAG USA BF2poe   ICmod
  Srg Bash~TAG USA ICmod   Battlefield 2142   GuildWars
  Steve Ballie~TAG England GuildWars
  Stringemup~TAG England ICmod   Battlefield 2142   GuildWars   World of Warcraft
  Venus~TAG England ICmod   GuildWars
  Yander The Green~TAG GuildWars
  Ygun~TAG USA ICmod   GuildWars   World of Warcraft

Inactive Members
These players are still TAGGERS,and always will be, but have not been seen actively in games recently. [Click name for player details]
  Baddad~TAG   Diff~TAG   Henrix~TAG   Medmen~TAG   mike mike~TAG   Notepad~TAG   Shepherd~TAG   

Games Played by TAG Members [Click Roster name for game details]
  Icon/Name of game Icon/Name of game
  Americas Army   Americas Army Call of Duty   Call of Duty
  Battlefield 2   Battlefield 2 GuildWars   GuildWars Nightfall
  BF2 SF   BF2:Special Forces Delta Force 2   Delta Force 2
  BF2poe   BF2: Point of Existence Delta Force: BHD   Delta Force: BHD
  Battlefield 2142   Battlefield 2142 ICmod   Joint Operations: International Conflict
  Battlefield 1942   Battlefield 1942 Joint Ops   Joint Operations:Typhoons Rising
  Battlefield: DC   Battle Field :Desert Combat Esc JOps   Joint Operations : Escalation
  Battlefield:Vietnam   Battle Field :Vietnam World of Warcraft   World of Warcraft