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Iizzyphoto lizzy_sig
Games Played: Delta Force 2   Joint Ops   Esc JOps   Delta Force Extreme   Battlefield 2   Battlefield 2 Special Forces   BF2poe   ICmod
Name: Lizz
MSN contact:
Country: England
Birthday: 11th August 1969
Occupation: Mother and LSA (Learning Support Assistant) in a primary school
Personal Info: Click this line to see my webpage of family and pet photo's
Game Info: Played DF2 from 1999 - 2004, Have mainly played Joint Ops... I still spend all my time typing and getting the enemy killed by them typing back and dying... so I still have my uses lol. Tried America Army for a bit but didnt enjoy always being first to die and then watching everyone else play till the end of a round, Might give Battlefield 2 a try not sure yet.
Connection Speed: ADSL
Fav Quote: "Why me?"