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Games Played: Joint Ops   Esc JOps   HalfLife2   Delta Force Extreme   Battlefield 2   Battlefield 2 Special Forces   BF2poe   ICmod
Name: Michael
MSN contact:
Country: ENGLAND (dont go putting any of that UK, or GB crap, its ENGLAND .....OK !!!)
Birthday: 10th December
Occupation: Tool salesman
Personal Info: 16" Neck, 42" Chest, 34" waist, 33" Inside personal? ok then....umm.. Live with Nikki in Kent, ENGLAND...enjoy skiing, walking, will get married one day - (Update - We got married !!!.)
Game Info: BF2, JOPS
Connection Speed: 4m NTL (the same state of the art machine I had 3 years ago........which I guess means its now 3 years out of date...'Doh)
Fav Quote: "Make mine a large one"