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Games Played: Delta Force 2   Joint Ops   Esc JOps   Battlefield 1942   Battlefield: Desert Combat   Battlefield 2   BF2poe   ICmod
Name: Richard
MSN contact:
Country: England
Birthday: 1st December
Occupation: Traffic Chaos Co-ordinator Training Consultant - I now teach people to do it right
Personal Info: Enjoying being a dad. If you have the chance, do it. Also trying to learn HTML, phpBB etc.
Game Info: PC = BF2, BF2SF, BF2 PoE2, Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction, Sensi World of Soccer
PS2 = Final Fantasy's
Nintendo DS =Final Fantasy Tactics
Mostly BF2 (with or without MODS), with a bit of Diablo 2 if theres no one else online
Connection Speed: Con Speed has jumped to 12meg, but my modem can only handle 8, so i'll have to live with that for now
Fav Quote: