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In Memorium of Master Corporal Allan Stewart


Dr Evil ~TAG

Master Corporal Allan Maurice James Stewart was born in Newcastle, New Brunswick on 02 May 1976, and raised there.

He joined the Canadian Forces on 19th September 1997 and reported to the Royal Canadian Dragoons in April 1998.

Staying at the Regiment throughout his career, he advanced to his present rank in September 2006. During this time, Master Corporal Stewart distinguished himself as a likeable, good natured and enthusiastic soldier and leader who was dedicated to supporting his fellow soldiers and the Regiment. He consistently endeavoured to increase not only his personal skills and abilities, but also those around him. He was always approachable, trustworthy, and well respected by his peers and supervisors alike. Master Corporal Stewart's most recent deployment to Afghanistan with B Squadron as part of the Task Force 1-07 was his third deployment overseas. He previously deployed to Bosnia-Herzegovina in 2001 and then to Afghanistan in 2003 as part of Operation ATHENA in the Kabul area.

Master Corporal Stewart was married to Christa and had two daughters, Brittany and Sarah. An extremely dedicated family man, he was a caring and loving husband and father who expressed immense pride whenever talking about his wife and children.


Around 8 p.m. Afghan time on 11 April when the reconnaissance vehicle commanded by Master Corporal Allan Stewart was attacked by Taliban forces using a roadside bomb in the area about 38 kilometres west of Kandahar City. In the blast, Master Corporal Stewart and Trooper Patrick James Pentland of B Squadron died after their Coyote Armoured Reconnaissance vehicle hit the Improvised Explosive Device while on patrol. MCpl Stewart’s patrol was returning from a deployment and supporting the recovery of a RCD vehicle that had been immobilized during an attack earlier in the day.

The following info has been given by Christa, thank you very much for passing this on.


A = Canadian Peace Keeping service Medal

B = Nato Medal for Former Yugoslav

C = General Campaign Star

Here is a little bit of info about the cap badge: THE SPRINGBOK The cap and collar badges worn by the Regiment date from the Boer War. In July 1900, while a troop of the Regiment was on outpost duty in South Africa, all seemed quiet; but a sentry reported to his officer that a number of springboks (South African gazelles) were bounding frequently into the air as though alarmed. The officer immediately ordered a stand-to in time to drive off an attack by a large party of Boers, who had managed a stealthy approach to the outpost. The Commanding Officer, Lieutenant-Colonel Lessard, on hearing of this event, requested authority to take the bounding springbok as the Regimental Badge. In 1913 Royal approval to wear the springbok as the Regimental Cap and Collar Badges was given. The badge design is a springbok bounding on a veldt, surmounted on a scroll inscribed: Royal Canadian Dragoons.

Click here to a link to some history of the Royal Canadian Dragoons on Wikipedia.

He served on 3 overseas missions. One was SFOR - Stabilization Force (Bosnia-Herzegovina) - NATO in 2000-2001. Two were to ISAF - International Security Assistance Force - NATO in Afghanistan with the first being in 2003-2004 and the second being this year.

His training consisted of driver, Gunner and Crew Commander of a Coyote Reconnaissance Vehicle. It is a lightly armoured fighting vehicle built by General Dynamics Canada for the Canadian Forces, for use in the reconnaissance role. Its eight-wheeled design is a licensed version of the Swiss Mowag Piranha. In service since 1996, the Coyote is a larger version of the six-wheeled Canadian AVGP, also developed from the Piranha. Coyotes mount a 25 mm M242 Bushmaster chain gun and two 7.62 mm C6 general purpose machine guns. One of the machine guns is in a fixed mount parallel to the main gun while the other is pintle-mounted in front of the gunner's hatch. Most Coyotes have a sophisticated suite of electronic surveillance equipment including radar, video, and infrared surveillance night vision devices. The mast variant has this equipment mounted on a 10m telescoping mast that can peek out from behind a hill or building. The remote variant of the Coyote has its surveillance suite mounted on two short tripods, which soldiers can deploy remotely using a 200 m spool of cable. The less common command variant does not carry the surveillance suite. Unlike the Bison and AVGP, the Coyote was not equipped with an amphibious propulsion system. The areas where the marine drive propellors would normally be mounted were taken up by external fuel tanks. The Coyote uses a larger wheel than initially used on the Bison and AVGP (these vehicles were later retrofitted with this wheel). Compared to the Stryker, the Coyote's hull armour has a greater slope. This gives better protection but at the cost of internal vehicle space.

Allan's Rank was Master Corporal. He had been promoted to that rank in September of 2006.

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