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TAG London Meet - 11th November 2006

Photo Diary by Venus & MickyD

A few of the UK Taggers decided to have a get together in London and other members of the TAG team from across the world set us a challenge of having our photos taken with and near certain people/places.

Completed Challenges were:

A Tardis (for Doctor Who fans) Police Box / Nelsons Column, London Eye /Houses of Parliment/ Big Ben /Tower Bridge / Open top Bus / HMS Belfast /Old Red Telephone Box /A Metropolitan Police officer / A drink of a New Zealand Beer.

Incomplete Challenges were:

Victoria Memorial / Marble Arch / London Firefighter / Harrods


After all meeting up at Insom's house, and having a cuppa tea to calm the nerves (esp poor Micky) who had to jump out of the way of a moterbike that had run a red light, in the process twisting his ankle... and making a dirty patch on his knee of his jeans from falling over on the curb.

Here we all are, hope you enjoy our photo diary.....

we didnt do the challenges in order so Ive just numbered them to keep count of how many things we squeezed into one day.

So first call of the day was to Challenge 1. The Police Phone box. (TARDIS)

Then we went into town so that Micky could buy himself a new pair of jeans, (from being muddy)

The next visit was covent garden in search of the New Zealand Beer, after following Insoms directions to one end of Covent Garden (ended up at a shop for whiskey from all around the world) but we got to see the street entertainers, Micky D took us to the other end of Covent Garden to a bar that sells beers from all over the world. Of course we couldnt just buy one NZ beer we all had a taste of different Beers from across the world. (ok mine was actually an Archers and Lemonade but I did have a taste of one pint)

challenge 2

We then moved onto Trafalgar square and were a little dissapointed to see that the fountains hadnt been filled with poppies, or if they had, they had been emptied of them again. still we got to see Nelsons Column.

Challenge 3

While here we noticed the smallest policestation in London, its just got room for one police officer not sure its still in use though.

Challenge 4

Challenge 5

From there we walked over the Millenium Bridge (always featured in Spooks)

While walking across the bridge we got to meet our "MET. Policeman", ok he didnt wave at us, but we took a photo of him busy putting down cones, we didnt want to disturb him by trying to get him to pose for a photo.

Challenge 6

Just across the Millenium Bridge is the London Eye, the big fairground ride, you needed to prebook tickets to go on it, or Queue for about 4 hours, as that would seriously cut into our drinking time I think we will say no more.

Challenge 7

Back across the Thames from the London Eye is the Houses of Parliment, and of course Big Ben, that booming Chime is wonderful to hear.

We were meant to watch the fireworks but actually got the place muddled up (wrong bridge) so we only got the hear them. With this not really being what we were after we just HAD to go into the nearest pub to console ourselves.

Challenge 8

It just happened that we were standing right outside the The NAMCO Centre at the time, aka the TAG pub with all the arcade games, it was time to fill up with food and of course SOME drinks, to wash the food down.

we were then joined by Blade ,and he joined in with the rest of the tour.

Blade was my hero and won a "Crazyfrog" renamed "String" for the evening! from the grab machines, only he kinda got it by luck as he stuck the grabbing prong through the headphones and it couldnt shake it off, so much so a manager had to come and unhook it to give us the prize.

All the guys had races on the Daytona Machines.. MickyD proving he was the number one driver in most races, Blade and Insom did well until Micky decided to push them off the track !

Then Micky Decided to give String a driving lesson in a simulator, well after they finally went the correct direction it was still hysterical.

string almost falls out from the car with laughter.

Finally we dragged ourselves away from the games to walk across Tower Bridge, It really was freezing cold and dark by this point but the bridge was beautiful.

Challenge 9

We then walked along the Thames to HMS Belfast (who seemed to be sporting a french flag - we need to find out why?)

Challenge 10

It goes without saying that after that we needed to go back into another pub to warm up again. we did get the barman to take a pic of us all together in here, but it was a complete blur which was a shame. Still to make up for it "String" got to have his picture taken with each of us, if we liked it or not!

With Blade

Trying to scare Insom

Singing Jet to sleep

With his namesake String

Fun with MickyD

No comment on this Photo

String needed a drink after the photoshoot

Finally on the way back to the tube to go back to Insoms house Blade jumped into a telephone box so he didnt get to miss out on the photo shoots.

Challenge 11

At the end of the evening we headed for the tube, grabbed a KFC bucket and some nibbles and booze and WALKED back to Insoms house, which they kept saying was close, that was *beep* miles.

We proceeded to have a few drinks and played a dvd game and became millionares until about 3am (after that us light weights gave up, have since been told Insom came online and played Jops! )

In the morning first up was Venus, then String, then Blade, Jet finally got out of bed from the smell of the 3rd cup of tea being made, then Insom crept downstairs hoping to be first up to meet us all in his kitchen ! "SURPRISE!", Venus attempted to make Bacon sarnies for everyone (with no Tomato Ketchup) and all to soon it was time to say goodbye.

I would like to thank Insom for his hospitality and everyone involved for a fantastic weekend.

Oh and as for the challenge with the firefighter... we didnt actually get to find one... but we think someone was thinking of them....

Lets do it again soon... maybe Alton Towers *giggle*.

Photographs supplied by MickyD (all the ones in focus), Jetreaction (in semi focus), and Venus (the completely blurry ones)